In order to have a simplified process of continuous care, without having to schedule face to face meetings with the patients, Remote Patient Monitoring is a service that also involves the patient, as a pro-active member of the health care team. By providing patients with tools for monitoring physiologic parameters and adding education on how to use them, we are empowering individuals and helping them monitor their overall health. Several studies have been performed, in order to assess the impact of remote patient monitoring on chronic conditions evolution. Some of these studies have shown positive results, such as more actively controlled blood pressure numbers in hypertension patients.

There are many advantages to remote patient monitoring:

  • Proactive Care – By monitoring vitals regularly, providers can make a determination if action needs to be taken sooner then the next office visit
  • Better engaged patients who play an active role in their treatment plan
  • The technology is simple and easy to access, making daily routine checks more efficient
  • Educating patients – when patients receive constant feedback based on their inputs, they tend to become more knowledgeable about their condition, in time
  • Better access to healthcare – the US still faces a shortage of primary care providers. Patients sometimes have to wait for a long time to be scheduled for a face-to-face appointment. Placing part of the patients in remote monitoring could help fix that problem. It could also increase the capacity for primary care doctors to treat more patients

There are monthly CPT codes you can bill for completing these services:

  • CPT 99453 – Initial Setup – this part of the service only includes initial setup and patient education on use of equipment
  • CPT 99454 – Device Monitoring – this part of the service involves supplying a device and monitoring daily recordings or programmed alerts. It can be billed once every 30 days
  • CPT 99457 – 20 Minutes – this remote physiologic monitoring treatment management services requires at least 20 minutes of clinical staff time per calendar month. Note that this interaction is non face-to-face


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Profit Calculator Assumptions: 40% of total Medicare patients enrolling is based on (i) Medicare Chart Book’s data showing that ~68% of medicare patients qualify for CCM (2 or more chronic conditions), and (ii) that ~40% of eligible patients will enroll.

For typical providers, $46.67 of net profit per patient per month is based on a Medicare reimbursement per patient per month (national average) for various care management CPT codes.

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