Medistics and Cipher Skin Partner to Improve Recovery Monitoring

 Cipher Skin, the hardware-enabled monitoring platform that delivers flexible, hybrid recovery for musculoskeletal care, today announces it has launched an integration with Medistics, a care management platform that aggregates patient health data for more personalized, holistic care delivery.

This partnership will allow Medistics’ providers to access the motion and biometrics data captured by Cipher Skin’s BioSleeve technology. Care teams using Medistics will also benefit from Cipher Skin’s Recovery App, which gives end-to-end visibility into each patient’s recovery journey.

“In order to improve patient engagement in the shift to value-based care, healthcare providers need access to patient recovery and health data beyond the walls of the clinic,” said Phillip Bogdanovich, Cipher Skin CEO. “By partnering with Medistics, we can provide more clinicians with Cipher Skin’s smart sleeve technology so they can gain visibility into their patient’s recovery process and ensure care plan adherence without having to leave the Medistics platform.”

Cipher Skin’s Biosleeve enables flexible hybrid recovery for musculoskeletal patients by tracking the patient’s physical therapy exercises.

The patented sensor technology captures motion and biometric data in real time and translates it into 3D visualization with actionable data.

With the secure integration between Medistics and Cipher Skin this data will be available to clinical care teams who utilize the Medistics care management platform.

“Medistics is thrilled to partner with Cipher Skin to increase the clinical care teams’ access to real-time data and simplify care management for patients undergoing physical and rehabilitative therapy,” said Raj Shah, Medistics CEO. “This latest partnership broadens the scope of remote patient monitoring devices that integrate with the Medistics ecosystem as part of our goal to cut costs and improve patient health outcomes across patient populations.”

Read the full press release here

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