October 11, 2022

Someone participating in medication adherence.

How Licensed Pharmacists Help Improve Medication Adherence

It’s no secret that poor medication adherence is a major problem in the US. In fact, it’s estimated that only 50% of patients take their medications as prescribed. Not only does this lead to poorer health outcomes for patients, but it also drives up healthcare costs. There are a number

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Profit Calculator Assumptions: 40% of total Medicare patients enrolling is based on (i) Medicare Chart Book’s data showing that ~68% of medicare patients qualify for CCM (2 or more chronic conditions), and (ii) that ~40% of eligible patients will enroll.

For typical providers, $46.67 of net profit per patient per month is based on a Medicare reimbursement per patient per month (national average) for various care management CPT codes.

CPT and other codes, descriptions and other data are copyright 2011 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association (AMA).